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In all area of service, LIFTASIA is committed to inspiring total customer satisfaction.


Our service center is always on standby so you can have peace of mind  24/7.

We offer several Preventive Maintenance Contract agreements to ensure safe and smooth operations by minimizing downtime all year round.


We have on-stock fast moving parts and even PCB boards. So, if you own a ten (10) year old FUJI-Sunrise elevators or simply need  a dependable and reliable after-sales service provider, TRUST us to do the job.


We offer flexible maintenance agreements  that will help keep your building moving 24/7.

LIFTASIA offers three types of maintenance requests: 

  • REGULAR Type A

  • Regular Type B

  • PM LIght B


LIFTASIA can assist with repairs to both LIFTASIA and other brand of elevators and escalators. Free quotations are supplied following a detailed unit inspection by our qualified technicians. From a broken lock to a full modernization, we have the expertise at our disposal to assist. 


LIFTASIA stocks a wide range of replacement parts for our units as well as those used by many other elevator companies nationwide. Quotations are supplied on request and orders are not subject to minimum quantities. From door locks to landing doors, guide rails, safety gears and critical PCB boards, LIFTASIA can supply it all. 


In compliance with the regulatory requirements, we perform elevator full load test to ensure that the elevator can continuously lift the maximum load, as per the elevator rating; at the maximum speed, the elevator is rated. This service can also be done for other brands of lift to ensure all safety systems, including the braking system, are in proper working order.



 (632) 8788-5873      (PLDT)

 (632) 7500-6155     (DUO)

 (63) 945-609-7721  (GLOBE)

 (63) 919-340-0670  (SMART) 

With our Service Center based in Metro Manila, we can easily dispatch our technicians as they are equipped with motorcycles to navigate the busy streets of the Metro. This ensure fast response time to trouble calls and less downtime for our customers.

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